How to Step Up Your Game in Customer Service For Your Tree Care Business

How to Step Up  Your Game in Customer Service For Your Tree Care Business

Customer service can be a competitive advantage, especially when you have numerous competitors offering the same service at similar prices.

The question is, how can you maintain high-quality customer service?

Here’s how ArboStar can help you to be better at customer service with these three features.



Time is valuable to everyone or time is money, that’s what people normally say. It is true in business where people hire you to do the work. For every minute you are missing, you are wasting money from your clients, if not your own business. One of the things that can help you to be on time is optimizing scheduling and dispatching. Having a system to build a schedule based on client address, time of service and crew equipment will provide you the necessary information about your client and work. That would help you be on time for the work while not trying to figure out what is the work, where it is, and what time you should be there.  

Pricing and Quoting

Let’s say you have a potential customer. The client knows you via your previous work and they need your tree care services. They know everything they need to know and they are looking for how much you would charge them. Your AI system assists pricing for services based on location, crew size, and equipment required. Plus you can set the target profit margin, and the rest is calculated in a flash. This will help you to get the quote within minutes then you’re off to discuss with the customer. Imagine if you get back at that potential client within the day, they would be impressed. Things settle quickly with the contract and the clients are happy with the fast yet qualified work you provide.  

Fleet Management

Motor vehicles are important to arborists. It is like going to a battle without your weapons. It is what helps you to satisfy your customers with your work and it is what to keep you safe to do the job. That’s why you need your vehicles to be in a good condition. However, maintenance has taken up quite a time for arborists. Knowing when and where to schedule for repairs can be quite a headache. Thankfully, you can rely on the software to manage your fleet system. It will track your fleet condition, schedule repairs, get reports, and analyze costs & expenses for your convenience. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the condition of the vehicles. Instead, you can focus on how to provide a better service to make your customers happy with the results.

The key to your business’ customer success is to show that you’re willing to spend time and effort to care for your customers. Work sometimes can be loaded, but you can use help to be more time-efficient. With those features, you can be timing to care for your customers in the competition of customer success.

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