ArboStar - the business management platform for your success.

When you run your business, no matter the size, you think of it as a whole. While at certain times you might work on some aspects that might need special attention - either client relations, or leads conversion, scheduling or finance, you always need to see the full picture and have access to all the data fast. The solution to your business challenge should be simply at your fingertips at any given moment.
We have designed our system for tree care industry with a modern business in mind that puts its clients’ interests at its heart. We thought of all the features that will help it run smoothly and prompt growth, and be exciting and simple enough for the employees to work with.
As we saw systems existing in the market only cover only one aspect of the business, and leave out other parts. The clients have to go through software integration, juggling multiple interfaces, draw data from different sources.

While working on the software development we have simply put together the wishlist of features that a modern tree care business would need, and ticked off all the boxes.
We have designed a fully comprehensive system loaded with automated and analytical features!

Let’s take a look at some of its aspects of our fully integrated system:

Client Relations Management (CRM) module

This module can help you easily manage your salesforce’s performance and develop new strategies to increase your market share and profit margin. You will always be able to develop a strategy that will give you a competitive edge:

    Turn leads into competitive quotes that will boost the sales
    Provide detailed analytics of your marketing campaign
    Show your sales staff efficiency
    Engage clients and manage client relations
    Responsive Intelligent estimating and quoting system for sales force
    Wide range client service communication templates! Now you can reach your clients via emails, calls, voice messages, text messages
    Optimize client service followup algorithms for better results
tree service software illustration

Client focused service always proves to be more viable for and business model, and you need a perfect tool to manage it right!

Office & Field Management Module

For tree care field management is an important aspect. It may quickly turn into profit loss factor in your business if not managed right. It has to be monitored closely.

tree service software mapping

To keep the efficiency under control we have integrated in the field management module:

    Intelligent service visit mapping and scheduling
    Work order management
    Setting tasks for office and field workers
    Team working hours tracking
    Efficient communication between departments
    Service mileage and routes’ optimization
    Status reports

The best part, it is integrated with other modules, so the dispatcher and client service reps always have the information on the service teams location.
On the other hand, accounting gets the information on the car fleet expenses and employees working hours .

Business Analytics Module

When you are running a business it is easy to get caught in the routine: make sure the service calls are taken care of, payments are collected, there is sufficient number of new clients is coming in. Do you really know how the business is doing? What are the most profitable services? Where do you lose money? What do you need to invest in? What areas to pay attention to?

Our system collects enough day to day business data to analyse Key Performance Indicators:

    Set KPI for sales, marketing and field work that are relevant to your business
    Analyze Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    Make financially sound decisions based on data
    Export data and integrate in other analytics systems
    Visualize data for presentations and reports
tree care business analytics

The best part of our sophisticated business analytics module is that it tracks all the information that you will possibly need to take key business decisions. Accurate reporting system, not only monitors all business transactions, and day to day expenses but highlights the areas of concern. It will be a valuable tool for strategic decisions.

Accounting & Finance Module

With all the components of the system integrated, accounting receives the data on sales team productivity, employees work hours, and transport fleet expenses. The automated payroll system calculates payments as scheduled to employees, contractors and services, while accounting team gets updated on the balance sheets

tree service accounting

All accounting routine functions are automated:

    Accounts payable
    Accounts receivable
    Expense tracking
    Balance sheets

The convenient system setup for accounts receivable, will create notifications for clients in case of any missed or late payments.At any time reports can be generated by any parameters such as weekly or daily sales, balance sheet, accounts receivable, cash flow revenue by client, etc.
ArboStar Business Management Platform will help you not only automate specific business functions, but offer efficient client communication, team management as well as state of the art analytical tools.
The system is cloud based and does not require complex installation or additional equipment. It helps to create a perfect business environment for your office employees, mobile field workers and employees who work remotely. We will help your business grow while lowering the costs of operation.
Our platform is designed to help your business not only in its day to day operation, but to realize its full potential and help it grow successfully.