Arbostar, The App For Your Tree Service Business Needs

ArboStar is designed for tree care and landscape companies that need a centralized location for all of their customers and leads data so that they can improve their bid process, increase schedule efficiently, automate follow-ups, reduce overhead costs, track crews, and simplify invoicing and billing.

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Book an ArboStar overview and check out our dedicated mobile app for estimators and field crews. Always stay connected with the office, sales team, and field crews in real-time. Using our mobile app, you can create estimates and invoices on-site, review contact history, add services, and so much more.

Platform Overview
App for tree service business

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Tree Care CRM

The Do-It-All, Easy-to-Use, Lightning Fast CRM for Your Arborist Company

To be successful as a tree care company, you need to have a central hub where information about your leads and customers is kept. ArboStar’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features give you the ability to review bids, payments, job history, receivables, create notes, and much more.

You'll be able to make full use of ArborStar's thoughtful and simple filtering, fast-searching, and tagging options when you wish to see an overview of any part of your business, over any custom period of time desired.

Platform Overview
Arborist Scheduling Software

Perfect Scheduling That Fits Your Company Completely

Every business has its unique way of scheduling services with clients. Because of this, the software or app the company uses should not restrict its users from scheduling jobs and work orders the way they want.

ArboStar has unlimited scheduling options from the successor to multi-day, one-offs to recurring, and more

Platform Overview
Tree Care Company Reporting

Powerful Business Analytics (BI) & Reporting

Being able to pinpoint the key performance indicators of your business is critical for success. That is why ArboStar provides you with all the features you need to measure and understand your business metrics in real-time, such as custom report writing and dashboard overviews.

You can always keep track of what is going on in your business using more than 150+ standard reports, including accounts receivable, estimates reporting, sales reports, performance management, and commissions.

If the amount of standard reports is not enough, you can easily create custom reports. They are limited only by your imagination.

Platform Overview

Next-Level Estimating, Proposal & Bidding Software

The ability to seamlessly create bids and accurate estimates can keep you ahead of your competition. Whether you are a start-up or an already established business with an extensive customer base, you have to ensure you can:

Tree Care Estimating Software

✓  Be able to create estimates off-site using a lawn and land measurement tool integrated with Google Maps;

✓  Offer professional-looking quotes that represent your business and what you stand for;

✓  Be able to customize your service line items and proposal templates based on your business model;

✓  Send estimates via email, load them into your customer’s 24-hour access portal, or print them;

✓  Be able to monitor outstanding bids and automate follow-ups;

Using ArboStar’s Estimating Software, you are just one click away from winning bids.

Platform Overview
Tree Care Invoicing Software

Fully-Integrated Billing & Invoicing Module

Winning a bid is crucial, but it's just the beginning of the sales process. Generating invoices each month, managing contract billing, tracking prepayments and deposits, and updating accounts receivables are just some of the factors that come into play when it comes to how your business makes profits. ArboStar eliminates the disconnects between your production teams for billing & invoicing, your scheduling software for cash flow, and your accounting software like Quickbooks. Here's How. With ArboStar, you can:

Billing Tree Servie Software

✓  Create, monitor, and receive payments for partial invoices, including prepayments, deposits, and line-item billing;

✓  Generate unlimited invoices quickly and easily to speed up your monthly billing process, generated by print preferences or emailed to your customers in just a few clicks;

✓  Simplify customer payments with options for e-Pay card processing and many other payment methods;

✓  Customize your invoice templates with your own text and branding to match your business' tone.

ArboStar gives you an opportunity to make a direct connection between the accounting program’s confidential payroll and the cash-flow info from your routine operation teams. With two-sided Desktop and Cloud-Based QuickBooks versions integration, departments are connected automatically.

Platform Overview

Workorders & HR/Equipment Management Modules with Time Tracking

ArboStar provides you with the features you need to enable real-time communication between the field workers and office crew, with the ability to track teams, equipment, and materials. ArboStar provides you with the ability to:

Work order Software

✓  Manage and add individual services line items, third-party suppliers, and subcontractors within the job;

✓  Get an overview of scheduled, unscheduled, and completed job orders, all available and searchable at your fingertips;

✓  Create document tree inventory, job checklists, and weather conditions for tracking inventory usage and state reporting;

✓  You can track worker travel time, production time to get a detailed job costing report;

✓  Add before-and-after images and drawings, together with satellite photos and CAD layouts, in order to supplement work orders to avoid any confusion or ambiguity once the crew arrives onsite.

Platform Overview
ArboStar Reviews

The First Truly All-in-One Business Management Platform

“ArboStar has definitely changed the way my business runs, for the better. I'm a traditional person, and while technology is part of my job, I always like to be very careful before I add the latest trends to my workflow. But ArboStar has been incredibly helpful in allowing me to save a ton of time by taking care of the more monotonous tasks I usually have to do manually. I have no plans to go back to the old way of doing things, that's for sure”

ArboStar Pricing

Communication Module

ArboStar’s Communication Module allows you to reach out and support customers through Voicemails, text messages, and calls, to make appointments and maintain contact throughout the job cycle. It equips your front lines with all the necessary tools to succeed in finding and retaining customers to maximize your efficiency. You can:

Arborist App

✓  Centralize appointment scheduling while integrating with individual google calendars for on the go access.

✓  Create accountability and ensure proper follow-up with electronic messages so things never fall through the cracks;

✓  Improve response speed for customer service or new lead inquiries;

✓  Keep close track of sales' close ratios, unresolved messages, and all appointments, as part of your KPI reporting.

ArboStar’s Communication Module acts as the communication hub of your industry-leading CRM Software. Exceed customer expectations and deliver on promises, company-wide.

ArboStar’s Communication Module acts as the communication hub of its industry-leading CRM Software. Exceed customer expectations and deliver on promises, company-wide, everytime.

Platform Overview

ArboStar Matches your
Business in any Aspect

ArboStar is a tree care business platform that is created by arborists, for arborists. It has all the necessary features and modules to allow you to improve and automate your workflow in ways you never thought possible.

It goes without saying that there are many functionalities you will need as a tree care company. ArboStar has analyzed each and every functionality and added it into its system, ultimately creating a fully-integrated platform that collects and manages your data and enables you to have total control over your business. With full support in setting up the platform, you'll be on your way to growing your revenue and scaling your business in no time at all.

Platform Overview
All-in-one Business Management Platfor for Tree Care and Landscaping Companies