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At ArboStar, we don't just offload our technology on businesses and walk away as we believe in guiding you through all stages and providing ongoing support and assistance.

ArboStar Support

The moment you sign up with ArboStar, your business becomes a part of our arborist family with 24-hour ArboStar customer support. We want to make sure your team feels comfortable and competent in using ArboStar for all of the business processes of your tree-care company. That is why you will always have a personal manager to help at every stage whenever you need support. 

Our customer support specialists are always here to help you - we provide 24/7 customer support via email, phone, live chat, and development support all over the world.

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ArboStar Awards

Leader 2023 - 2023
Quality Choice 2023 - 2023
Leader Winter 2023 - 2023
Happiest Users 2023 - 2023
Leader - 2022
Most Popular Software - 2022
Leader - 2022
Partner - 2021
Front Runners - 2021
Quality Choice - 2021
User Most Likely to Recommend - 2021
Most Recomended - 2021
Happiest Users - 2021
Best Customer Support - 2021
Shorlist - 2021

ArboStar Preium Support

Live Professional support

Live Professional support

Just as you strive to offer your customers top-notch customer support, we offer our users stellar support when it comes to using our platform. 

Whether your company is in the implementation stage, training phase or you have been using the platform and the app for a while, the moment you have any questions we are always here to cover them. 

You can reach us via email, phone, or Arbostar live support on our website. Our customer support specialists will cover all your questions and our customer service technical support will quickly resolve any issues you may have.

And we are always looking for ways to become even better: let us know your feedback with any complaints or compliments you might have to help us better serve you.

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

ArboStar comes with dozens of modules and carefully crafted features to make our customers’ day-to-day business operations easily manageable and organized. During the training sessions, our specialists cover it all but if you or your team members don’t remember any information, worry not! - ArboStar offers a built-in “Knowledge Base” module, where all the features are described in detail. With ArboStar’s Knowledge Base, you know exactly what a module is created for and how to use it. You can also access all the information in the “Help Center” on our website to learn more about the features ArboStar offers.

If by any chance our Help Center doesn’t cover any of your questions, our live support is always available. 

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