Tree Service Software

Arborist Software

Designed by arborists, for arborists, ArboStar's tree service software is a premium all-in-one tool that allows your business to reach new heights. Automate tasks you've been doing manually, increase sales with our seamless sales pipeline, and keep employees all on the same page with a one-stop-shop that allows you to share all relevant information with the click of a mouse or a swipe of the finger. With dozens of modules each designed to help various aspects of your business, our platform is one-of-a-kind in the tree-care industry.

Estimating Invoicing Software

Estimating / Invoicing / Follow-ups

ArboStar makes estimating, invoicing, and follow-ups one of its chief concerns, as performing all three of these functions efficiently and correctly is fundamental to a successful tree-care business of any size

Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management

ArboStar provides a full set of equipment management tools that a company needs, that includes: vehicle / tools map-view; repair requests; etc.

Employee Management

Employee Management

The employee management features in ArboStar provides a full set of employee management tools that a company needs

GPS tracking Time Tracking tool

GPS-tracking / Live Job Map

The ArboStar location tracking app provides you with all the features needed to monitor and control both office and field processes.

Tree Mapping Software

Tree mapping

ArboStar provides tree mapping software with GPS-tracking and Live Map features. This feature takes away any guesswork from fieldworkers

Arborist CRM

ArboStar CRM

Use our Customer Relations Management software to track your leads and establish long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Arborist Marketing Reporting

Marketing Reporting

ArboStar treats marketing reporting as a priority, giving you all the information you need to launch new marketing efforts or adjust current campaigns.

Arborist Workflow Automation


ArboStar makes full use of automation technology, allowing you to spend your time on more important elements of your business.

Arborist Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting

ArboStar has built-in sales reporting abilities. ArboStar ensures your success by providing an understandable real-time view of your sales activities.

Arborist Accounting Software


ArboStar has built-in sales reporting abilities. ArboStar ensures your success by providing an understandable real-time view of your sales activities.

Quality Assurance Tree Care Software

Quality Assurance

The ArboStar QA module allows your clients to add service quality feedback into Google Reviews. Google will recieve only the positive reviews

Tree Service Communications


ArboStar allows for cross-platform communication, allowing anyone to stay in touch and stay updated. Use chat, email, phone to contact us

Arborist Scheduling Software


Use ArboStar to schedule all of your various jobs, meetings, and commitments, in a more efficient and scalable manner. Easy and Fast

Tree Care Task Management

Task Management

ArboStar allows users to create tasks, and mark them by priority, job length, and due date. On Live task map you can see the location of the tasks

Arborist Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Build any financial report of your company in a few clicks. View charts, evaluate the efficiency of cash flows. Count your money with ArboStar

Arborist Analytical Tool

Business Intelligence Module

Any dimension of the company at a glance. Any report in a few seconds using the powerful analytical tool ArboStar BI.

ArboStar User Roles Management

User Roles Management

Manage the roles of your employees in a few pounds. Assign, change, tag and track performance

ArboStar User Activity and Log History

User Activity and Log History

User Activity Monitoring allows admins and managers alike to collect and track employees' real-time user behavior data on the ArboStar app

Arborist HR Efficiency

Human Resources Efficiency

Monitor the performance of your employees. See the hourly earnings from each team member.

ArboStar Support

ArboStar Live Supoort

ArboStar provides 24/7 excellent customer support via email, phone, live chat, and development support all over the world.

ArboStar Implementation

ArboStar Implementation

You will always have a personal manager who will help at every stage of implementation ArboStar Platform into your business processes

ArboStar Customization

ArboStar Customization

ArboStar All-in-One Business Management Platform is completely customizable for big companies. Custom / new modules, features

ArboStar Integrations

ArboStar Integrations

Most of the third-party programs that arborists love can be integrated into ArboStar. 24+ third-party software integrations