The 9 Most Common Mistakes Tree Care Companies Make

The 9 Most Common Mistakes Tree Care Companies Make

While a tree care business can be a difficult one to manage, there are some mistakes that are unnecessary and inexcusable. There are many missteps and inconsistencies arborists make that can convey unprofessionalism or lack of expertise to their clients.

Upon seeing this list, it’s important to compare your own services and make sure that they are the opposite.

There are numerous logistical and management-based mistakes that many tree care businesses are guilty of. Here is a composure of our top 9.

Poor Safety Records

Poor Safety Records

Clients need to be able to trust an arborist, to do necessary work while taking great consideration of their trees and property. This would lead one to consider how essential an impeccable safety record is in tree management services.

It’s important to prioritize safety among your workers, and to reduce the risk of injury and mishap to the greatest extent possible. After all, how would a client be able to trust a tree care organization with a history of poor safety measures?

Not Applying Standards

All of your workers should know how to compose an appropriate Specification of Work report through the use of tree ID's, descriptions of work and reasons for work. It’s a relatively simple thing to improve, and it can do wonders in conveying professionalism to clients.


Workers that are seen joking around, smoking, and strolling around on a client’s property can make an entire company seem as though they are a disregardful and discourteous organization. Making sure you have a solid reputation of good conduct from your workers is pivotal in assuring the reputability of your company’s image.

Super Low Pricing

Super Low Pricing

By charging too little for services, tree care organizations can downgrade the industry as well as give off the impression that their company will do the needed tasks too obliviously and dangerously. Making sure that your company charges a fair, but not overpriced, rate can be helpful in establishing a standard of professionalism for your operations.

Poor Training and Education

As a tree care business administrator, you need to consider and inquire as to whether or not your workers have the necessary training and experience to be working in the tree care industry. If your workforce is lacking some skills or knowledge in this respect, be sure to provide it as needed.

Absence of Professional Licensing

In many regions across north America, there are few laws for doing business as an arborist. One of the worst mistakes a tree care company can make is to not acquire standard licensing and certifications. Having these certifications can likewise assist your company in standing apart from the unqualified.

Bad Pruning

Unfortunately, a surprisingly great deal of tree care workers don't know how to properly analyze a tree, or how to prune it appropriately. Your clients likely won’t accept unacceptable work, and neither should your workforce. Make a point among your workers to take time and caution in doing such jobs, as the end result that a client is left with will determine whether or not they use your services again.

Too Many Tree Removals

Too Many Tree Removals

The practice of the removal of trees that are solid and free of issues is terrible for landscapes and your business operations. Encouraging the unnecessary removal of trees is a terrible approach for an arborist to take, as it conveys a disregard for trees and property. Eliminating a solid tree also implies your company’s services will never be employed to work on it again. A terrible thing for business!

Lack of Enforcement

Lack of adherence to regulations as well as poor safety protocol enforcement from tree care companies is a deterring factor for individuals when considering to acquire such services. Remember to police your workers as needed to prevent individuals from becoming hurt, or properties from becoming damaged.

The practices of holding workers to high expectations and encouraging a positive and hardworking attitude is something every company in the tree care industry should be employing. Making sure that your workers are trustworthy, experienced and safe is essential in guaranteeing your tree care company’s reputability. Prioritize your company’s overall conduct for the best results in conveying a good public image.

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