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Manage the roles of your employees in a few clicks. ArboStar is designed to make your job easier

ArboStar Platform Users Roles Management
Role management tools can support password management, account management, compliance, and identity management all in one user-friendly platform.
In the ArboStar User Role Management section, you can edit user privileges and set their permissions, choosing which part of the platform they have access to.
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ArboStar Platform User Roles Management Feature

ArboStar User Roles Management Feature

The ArborStar platform provides users with the ability to add field workers and office staff into the system, as well as many other types of roles. You will then be able to manage their permissions as to what kind of information they have access to, and then sort users by roles to see how many of your team members are assigned to which roles.

Assigning roles to users allows tree care businesses to have the flexibility to add or remove employees and change parameters and permissions. This can be accomplished easily and quickly, without the need to change the entire infrastructure of the company. User role management is just one small part of what makes the ArboStar system an effective and comprehensive business management platform.

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