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User Activity and Log History

Control the behavior of your employees right in the ArboStar platform.

ArboStar Platform User Activity and Log History
User Activity Monitoring allows admins and managers alike to collect and track employees' real-time user behavior data on the ArboStar app. Workers are able to clock in and clock out, allowing managers to track exactly when employees are starting and ending their workday. This increases employee efficiency and allows your business to easily manage employee payroll issues.
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Control the activities of your employees in the ArboStar Platform

ArboStar Platform Live Activity


ArboStar analytics provides detailed information about users’ activity and log history into the system. You can see exactly which users have added clients into the system, which estimators have estimated each job, and which team members were assigned to each work order.

This allows you to track productivity over days, weeks, months, years, or any custom date range. You can also track productivity based on individual employees or specific teams, to gain a better idea of employee efficiency.

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ArboStar Log History Recordings

Log History with IP Address

ArboStar's activity tracking, your tree-care business can be more efficient in tracking the activities of employees. You can access the Users Login Activity section under the ArboStar Business Intelligence module. Here, you can view the login activity of all of your users. It shows the user's name, their login date and activity, and the IP address from which they accessed the platform, and allows you to click on individual users for more information about their activities.

All of this information can ensure that tasks are performed at the right time, while also monitoring any suspicious activity that may lead to events that cause a loss in productivity.

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