ArboStar GPS-tool

GPS-tracking / Live Job Map

To achieve optimal management in the tree-care industry, you need a tool that shows you exactly what is happening with your company, both internally and externally, at any given time. ArboStar provides such a tool in the form of live map viewing and GPS tracking.

GPS-tracking Time-tracking Software
With lots of personnel and events in motion, tree-care businesses require optimal software solutions to coherently control and monitor all ongoing operations. Technology included in the Arbostar platform includes the presence of location intelligence such as live maps and modules that make keeping watch over your business easier.
By seeing where your teams and vehicle fleet are now, where they will be in future jobs, and analyzing where they've already been, managers can keep things organized and properly planned, and identify opportunities for improved safety, growth, and efficiency.
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ArboStar gives you a tool to know where all of your moving parts are at any given moment

Tree Care Lead Map

Lead Map

ArboStar's leads map enables its users to view all existing leads on the map for quick and easy access.

With this information, you are able to plan how to reach your potential clients in order of convenience, or based on the time the lead is scheduled. You can use this information to optimally plan your employees' schedules, allowing for more successful lead-to-customer conversions performed each and every day.

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Arborist Estimating Map

Estimating Map

With ArboStar, you can also check all existing estimates on a live map, allowing you to see a bird's-eye view of all possible work your business has in any particular neighborhood. New estimates can be added as your team converts leads into estimates.

You can even make use of ArboStar's automatic estimate option, allowing easy estimate calculation based on the past estimates you've entered.

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Tree Service Workorder Map

Workorder Map

ArboStar's workorder map provides you with all the existing work orders on a live map that can be filtered according to statuses for easy and quick access.

See workorders that are in progress or completed to see which neighborhoods are producing the most work, and which neighborhoods are generating the most revenue for your business, to help you alter your future marketing or canvasing plans. Sort workorders in various ways, including priority, proximity, and job size, allowing you to manage your business in the most effective way possible.

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Arborist Time-Tracking Software


Track the amount of time spent at work for each employee. The information collected by ArboStar will help automatically calculate the team's salary and can produce detailed time-sheets of both individual employees and teams.

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