On Your Way to The Perfect Landing Page for Your Tree Service Business

On Your Way to The Perfect Landing Page for Your Tree Service Business

What is a Landing Page?

The easiest way to understand what a landing page is precisely is by demystifying the misconception of what it is not. It should not be mistaken for a home page whose primary purpose is to welcome visitors to a website and to lure them into browsing further to find products and services offered. A landing page takes a direct approach with the sole purpose of making a sale or capturing a potential lead. In a tree service company scenario, a landing page aims to get visitors converting into leads. Unlike a home page, a landing page does not have a navigation bar and does not link to other pages within your website.

Creating a landing page that is valuable for lead generation

A highly converting landing page for a local tree service company is one that brings your prospects to learn about your thought leadership, your ability to solve their problems, and one that provides the required information and solutions relevant to the issues they may be facing. In this case, it is the landing page that narrows down the general website traffic to interested traffic that is more likely to convert.

What are the components of a landing page, and how do you build one?

While you can quickly obtain a landing page template from one of the several sites offering them online, you'll want a page that stands out and makes you look professional in the eyes of your customers. A landing page template is simply a skeleton of a page with empty spaces for you to edit and fill. A qualified page is customized to embody a personal touch and to include the following essential components.


The header serves as a letterhead in a formal letter. It indicates the company logo at the top of the page and a conspicuous call-to-action on the top right side of the page. The majority of visitors are mobile users, so ensure that the phone number given on the header is clickable to make it easier and more convenient for them to contact you directly.


The headline is like the first impression of your content. It should be carefully drafted to grab the attention of the reader and to make them want to dig deeper. Think of more compelling expressions, like the benefits of acquiring the services of your tree service company. The font must be distinctive in size so that it stands out from the rest of the content.

Clear and concise call-to-action

Your call-to-action must be preceded by highly convincing information that would make your leads want to make the call. Your choice of words matters a lot in the CTA, for example, prospects looking for a tree service company may be looking for immediate action; therefore, you may go with phrases such as "call now…", "call us today…", "Schedule a service with us today…" or "contact us." It is the tone that matters in the end after convincing the leads that they need your services.

An offer

Make your prospects a suitable deal of any kind to appeal to them. Something like a 20% discount during a low season, or a free stump grinding service for every tree removal service. The idea is to get them confident about seeking your services and to make them feel that they are saving something out of it.

Images and videos

You might decide to include an image or video to your landing page to pique customer curiosity, but ensure that they are professionally done, and relevant to the tree services you provide. It could be before and after images of a service you previously provided, or a video of your team doing what they do best. If it is a video, make it short and precise.

Content and bullet points

The content making up your landing page is usually under the header and the images. It elaborates your services further in a comprehensible language, starting with a brief overview, and a series of bullet points. The bullet points highlight the strong points of why they should seek the services of your tree service company and the benefits they are likely to get from the same. Also, visitors like partitioned content that is easy to read and understand.

Contact form

The contact form is necessary for persons who might need more information about your services in connection with their needs. In most cases, these forms seek customer email addresses for follow-up, although some might ask for more details. Either way, avoid bombarding your prospects with unnecessary questions that might make you lose potential conversions. To make it easier for you, go for the absolutely necessary information that you feel you cannot do without, and should there be any need for further questions, a follow-up email can do.

Social links

There is no better opportunity of promoting your linked social media channels than including social links at the bottom of the page. A customer might not convert at that time, but they might end up following you on Facebook or Instagram and converting at a later date.

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