Benefits of Using Arborist Business Management Software

Benefits of Using Arborist Business Management Software

As the tree and landscape industry continues to grow, arbor companies become unique and set themselves apart from other types of businesses. This means that their business process is different, and the need to use specialized business management software increases. Not long ago, tree care companies were using management software that was not designed for them, and even today, some companies are still doing so. They are destined to meet roadblocks in the long run and will eventually need to find better solutions. So, an arborist business management software keeps you ahead of your peers by providing cutting-edge features making your tree care company function better by streamlining the entire process. 

Using an arborist business management software, you can achieve the following:

  1. Maintain dispatch and scheduling of all your sales team and fieldworkers
  2. Streamline your inventory management
  3. Create a strong bond with fieldworkers easily onsite or in the office
  4. Manage all employees, schedules, vendors, and customers using the software
  5. Increase productivity by providing field workers with real-time mobile access
  6. Decrease the number of errors and paper forms
  7. Efficiently create estimates, invoices, and take payments 
  8. Send targeted and automated emails to clients
  9. Automate follow-ups with quotes
  10. Build strong brand awareness
  11. Integrate with other modules that will help your business function smoothly
  12. Log in from any laptop, computer, smartphone to dispatch and manage jobs, customers, vendors, accounting, invoicing, employees, and equipment
The many benefits of arborist software

The many benefits of arborist software

The advantages of arborist business management software are limitless. The software programs are usually accessible from laptops, tablets, or smartphones, which helps create seamless communication between the fieldworkers and the office employees. Using this software, you also guarantee customer satisfaction.

ArboStar Business management Software

ArboStar Business management Software

The ArboStar platform helps you to run your business smoothly. Unlike generalized business management software, ArboStar is specifically designed for your tree care and landscape company. With our platform, you will get some of the most advanced modules and feature such as:

  1. Client Relation Management (CRM)
  2. Field & Equipment Management
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Accounting and Finance
  5. Payment Processing 
  6. IP Telephony & SMS Integration
  7. Human Capital Management
  8. Quality Assurance
  9. Enterprise Planning System (ERP)

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