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Business Intelligence Module

ArboStar's Business Intelligence module will help your tree-care business measure what was previously hidden from your view. This is imperative, because if you can measure it, then you can manage it!

Arborist Company Reporting
The ArboStar Business Intelligence module has become a prized discovery for many campaigns. With our software, you can build any report you can think of. Our analytics module has 150+ default reports to help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your tree-care company.
Weaknesses seen with our BI module can be corrected using the very tools found in the ArboStar app. Strengths, on the other hand, don't need to be corrected, but can instead be scaled to maximize their potential. Thus, with the help of our business intelligence module, you can increase the efficiency of your business without "inflating budgets".
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View Deep Analytics of Your Arborist Business with ArboStar' BI

Fast Reports and Activity Pulse


With ArboStar, you have quick access to all of the key metrics about your business.

This includes the number of estimates, invoices, leads, and how your business is doing "at a glance". You can view the statuses of all your various projects and the level of current monetization at 100% conversion.

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Tree Company Sales Reporting

Sales Made Easy

Build quick sales reports with ease. Add additional metrics to your report, and customize them according to your own company's branding and style.

Use predefined or customized fields. See every aspect of your sales team, including how various marketing projects are doing, allowing you to follow key trends in the tree-care industry. Evaluating your sales analytics and ad campaigns is both fast and easy with ArboStar.

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Arborist Company Schedule Reporting

Smart Scheduling

Scheduling reports is a staple in the tree-care industry. ArboStar provides auto-reporting of all of your current schedules in just a few seconds.

Simply select a reporting period and ArboStar will automatically build the required report, by pulling information you've previously entered on the app, including sales, expenses, ad campaigns, estimates, invoices, and more! Sory reports by overall profitability, by time, or by maximum dollar-per-hour gained.

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Invoice Reporting for Tree Care

Invoices Build for a New Era

Build invoice reports in just a few clicks, and have those invoices automatically sent to your clients either via email or SMS.

Select the period, and view key metrics about your current and past invoices, including your invoice-to-payment conversion rate, invoice statuses, the number of invoices created, as well as potential versus actual income from invoices created.

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Stop switching from one analytical tool to another. You can find all the necessary data you'll ever need with ArboStar's BI tools.

Accounting Reporting in Tree Care Industry

Accounting Done Right

Generate comprehensive reports on accounting activity within a few clicks.

View the default report on income, expenses, profits and achievement of goals. Track customer payments and make appropriate follow-up adjustments based on the analytics gleaned from the information we've collected for you.

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Workorders Reporting

Detailed Work Orders

You are just a few clicks away from a complete and easy-to-understand work order report.

View totals, statuses, and potential versus actual income to see a full and complete work order report. Or, generate something more personalized to a specific issue, such as a quick report on an individual employee in order to track their performance.

With ArboStar, whether you're seeing the big picture or looking at your business "under the microscope," our tools make it easier than ever to see exactly what how your arborist business is performing, on both a micro and macro level.

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Personal Efficiency Reporting

Actively Controlling Personnel

View user statistics at the touch of a button. See incoming and outgoing calls, the number of created work orders and invoices, the number of emails and other communications sent, and much more!

View statistics for logins to track exactly who has made what changes on the app. This makes payroll (for both support and fieldworkers) incredibly streamlined, as well as making viewing crew statistics and monitoring employee visits a breeze. ArboStar's BI gives these abilities and much more to your staff.

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Hundreds of the reports you need, all in one place.

Arborist Business Reporting

EExplore your business from different angles in order to make informed decisions that will help your business reach its maximum potential. ArboStar's Business Intelligence tools will give you the opportunity to look at your company from an outside POV and see what was previously hidden from your view.

If you can't measure it - you can't manage it.

But with ArboStar's Business Intelligence tools… you can!

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