Scheduling Software

Arborist Scheduling Software

Optimized scheduling and dispatching. The ArboStar system helps you create an efficient service schedule based on many factors, including client locations, the time of scheduled services, crew equipment, task priority, job size, and more. ArboStar is perfect for those in the tree care industry who have both one-time service calls as well as routine service scheduling.

Arborist Scheduling Software
In business as in life, you will often encounter a variety of appointments, be it a business meeting within your company, a meeting to discuss a new contract or an estimating job. Using an appointment scheduling software and calendar system, you will be able to accomplish your main goals, such as improving punctuality, meeting deadlines, and ensuring that there is adequate time for preparation and planning for future appointments.
Appointment scheduling is crucial as it ensures that you make use of the time available to you in a productive fashion. It also shows people that you value your time and the time of your clients. This is why ArboStar includes a comprehensive scheduling module that allows you to perform in-depth scheduling and planning.
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ArboStar Scheduling Software Module

On-Site Office Scheduling

Smart Scheduling

ArboStar's lead generation tool can give you the edge you need in finding fresh clients. Create and track leads right from your phone or tablet using ArboStar's easy-to-use lead module.

These leads connect directly with your device's GPS, allowing you to automatically see where the closest lead is, allowing you to quickly turn leads into estimates in the most efficient way possible.

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Arborist Dispatching


Guide your employees with ease and foresight. Manage their logistics, monitor progress, and communicate scheduling changes in real-time.

Dispatching has never been easier. No third-party programs are required. Everything you need is within the ArboStar Platform.

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On-Site Scheduling

Crews Scheduling

Create and assign crews to work orders by dragging and dropping crews and crewmembers into the list of planned works. That's all! You can then see the progress of work being completed in real-time and track the movement of your crews on a live map.

Team planning has never been easier. ArboStar has worked hard to perfect this module, as we know just how important planning is to the tree-care industry.

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Office Scheduling

Office Scheduling

Create new tasks or manage existing ones all from one place. Your employees will also be able to always view a list of tasks in the "to do" / agenda section of the app, or view their own calendar to see their own assigned tasks.

With ArboStar, proper time management of your employees is fast, convenient, and easy.

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