ArboStar Accounting Module

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As your tree-care business continues to expand, it is only natural that your financial data becomes increasingly complex. Left unchecked, it can get confusing, time-consuming, and difficult to handle all of your business accounts in simple spreadsheets. Every growing business needs a scalable accounting solution that can adapt to the escalating and changing needs of their complex financial data. Therefore, tree-care business owners have to think beyond mere spreadsheet accounting.

Accounting Software for Tree Care Industry
Our ArboStar accounting software offers a multitude of features to optimize your business, from standard invoicing and billing to employee and project management.
ArboStar is designed specifically to handle your tree-care company’s financial data: you can input exactly how much each piece of equipment or tool costs, as well as your overhead cost and average man-hour-rate. Then, calculate estimates easily by simply tapping what you need and converting these estimates to invoices once the job is done.
Our platform also helps reconcile bank accounts, manage clients, and generate detailed financial reports that help your business grow continuously and seamlessly.
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ArboStar Awards

ArboStar Accounting Module

Salary Auto-calculations

Automated Salary Calculations

Monitor your team's salaries based on the data collected by ArboStar. With the help of a simple clock-in / clock-out function, ArboStar collects data on the number of hours every team member has worked. Then, using the settings you implemented, our system automatically calculates the salary of each employee.

This information is automatically pulled into expense reports, allowing you to see salary information in total, or by the individual, team, or date.

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Expenses Monitoring

Expenses Reports

In order to understand the profitability of your business, you need to know the complete list of expenses.

ArboStar automatically generates visual reports like graphs and tables in order to help you gain an immediate intuitive knowledge of your businesses' expenses, like equipment maintenance, advertising budgets, salaries, and more. These visualizations can be incredibly helpful at turning raw data into actionable information, and can also be exported for team meetings or just used by your accounting team.

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Expences Types Management

Manage Your Expences Types

Manage expense types with ease. Customize and automate ArboStar to suit your needs, allowing our software to do the heavy-lifting for you. This feature alone has saved our clients hundreds of hours each and every year.

Eliminate the human factor from your expense calculations in order to save a great number of man-hours, while also reducing any potential mistakes or miscalculations.

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Invoicing Accounting

Client Payments

View quick reports on new, paid, and overdue invoices, in order to stay on top of all payments. Use the ArboStar platform to both increase invoice-to-payment conversions and decrease the likelihood of overdue invoices.

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