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Completely unique and the most advanced Business Management Platform for tree care and landscaping industry.

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Revolutionizing business management software in the tree service industry

We are proud to introduce ArboStar, the state of the art cloud based business management platform tailored to tree care and landscaping businesses of any size. In one intuitive and easy to use software we integrated all the modules that you will need to manage your business smoothly and efficiently.. 
Client Relations Management (CRM)  Field & Equipment Management Business Analytics Accounting and Finance Payment Processing IP Telephony & SMS Integration Human Capital Management Quality Assurance Enterprise Planning System (ERP)
ArboStar- Let Us Help You Grow Your Business!

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Map View

Real time view of your leads, crews & equipment location on the interactive maps. The map will show your existing clients and leads locations to simplify scheduling and marketing campaigns.


Scheduling & Dispatching

Optimize scheduling and dispatching! The system will build an efficient service schedule based on client address, time of service and crew equipment. ArboStar is great for both one time service calls and routine service scheduling.

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Pricing and Quoting

AI assist pricing for services. The system will prepare the right price based on location, crew size and equipment required. You can set the target profit margin, and the rest is calculated in a matter of seconds.

Integrated CRM

Turn leads into sales, prospects into clients! Intelligent CRM system will create sales targets and tasks for your team. Automate marketing communication, service reminders, sales notifications, follow ups. With easy to access client service file all information is just a click away!


Streamline your business communication! The system comes with integrated ip phone system complete with calls recording, sms messaging system and IVR menu. Manage and automate client service reminders, notifications and service followup.

GPS Tracking

The system offers accurate vehicle and crew operation GPS tracking. The routes can be analysed historically and real time by mileage, distance and time.

Fleet Management

Simplify your fleet management system! The integrated fleet management system will help you keep track of your fleet condition, schedule repairs, get report and analyze costs & expenses.

HR Management

Integrated with other aspects of the business the system allows to track productivity of office workers and field crew, as well as calculate their working hours. Collected reports are used for payroll calculations, vacation pay and bonus system calculation.


With every aspect of the business easily documented your accountant has all the reports at fingertips instantly: payroll hours, expenses, profit margin.


Know at all times how your business is doing! Use the collected data to analyse profits, determine the profit loss ares. Make strategic decisions based on data!

Detailed Reporting

Easily generate custom reports on any aspect of your business operation: sales productivity, advertising efficiency, asset management. All information for analysis and business planning is at your fingertips!

Activity Log

Track your staff activity within the system! Detailed log of the user activity tracking their location, time spent per activity, call duration and system logs, will help you build a stronger team.

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Every business goes through the same steps and require similar services. Advertising, lead generation, customer management, estimating and invoicing, communication, scheduling, accounting and finance. No matter how big your company is, you will need these tools for successful worry free operations. ArboStar has it all.


Sales & Marketing

    Clients History
    Follow-up Automation
    IP Calls, SMS

Field Management

    Job Site Mapping
    Work Orders
    Time Tracking
    Fleet Management

Top-level business process management

    Status Management
    Job Costing
    Payment Processing
    Cost Accounting


    KPI Tracking
    Advanced Reports
    Quality Assurance
    Business Intelligence
    Campaigns Analytics

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Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.

Gary Lirnik photo

Mike Lirnik

Co Founder - Arborist Reporter and Arborist Group

​ArboStar is intuitive and powerful beyond any CRM in the Green Industry. This software will change your business!


  • What is ArboStar Business Management Platform Software?

    ArboStar is a complete​ ​cloud based software platform that was designed for Arborists and Tree Care businesses. It offers tools and features that are simply necessary to run a modern business ​such as lead management, estimation, invoicing, scheduling and dispatching, fleet and workforce management, quality assurance and human capital management, marketing, accounting and analytics.​ All modules offer solutions for business administration, client care, field management, marketing, as well as financial planning and accounting needs.
    ArboStar helps office and field staff to exchange information. It stores and makes searchable:● client details● team members' and subcontractors' assigned work orders and jobs● schedules● estimates, invoices, and work orders● accounting and finances
    Convenient and easy to use administrative portals for managers, sales representatives, client care and field teams are designed not only to help with their immediate tasks, but also for clear and transparent communication. It makes their communication easy via adaptive ip phone system, and messaging and allows to access necessary client information on the spot.
    A complete business management platform like this is necessary to increase productivity and efficiency, minimize errors and simply build the winning team in the industry.
    The system comes with Accounting and Business Analytics module with all client and employee information integrated for faster payroll processing and invoicing.
    Whether you are already using a business software, or run it expertly on sticky note messages, simply try ArboStar to see the advantages of integrated software platform.
    ArboStar Business Management Platform w​ill be ​a game changer in your company operations.
  • Does ArboStar Business Management platform help to improve Customer Satisfaction?

    ArboStar has all the necessary tools to enable great team communication and information transparency. From the minute the Client service call comes in the information is carefully documented digitally including the voice call recording. It simply eliminates human error reading illegible writing, and forgetting to pass on some important details. Based on this information the job tasks are requested.
    The manager portal for Client Service and Sales Manager has easy access to all the information in real time including incoming requests, teams productivity and service team locations. The client quote, invoicing and service history is conveniently stored in easy to search file. The managers can review quarterly or yearly results, resolve issues, and set targets.
    The client files may be completed with images taken by the staff, or containing important information for future service. All the client information is easily searchable.
    The result is faster, more responsive and efficient service with a focus on client. And clients feel that!
  • How does ArboStar help improve my Team's Productivity?

    The convenient interface with map, calendar, equipment, work order view makes all the workflow more visible. The status view feature shows the status of the orders being completed, and ensures there is no work order is missed.
    The route mapping allows to optimize the service team routes and schedules when possible, at the same time cutting overhead expenses.
    The service teams mobile portal helps them track completed and outstanding tasks and mileage. The analytics, at the same time, tracks working hours per task or service, for a more accurate cost analysis, that will be used for pricing similar tasks.The teams can invoice or adjust invoices directly if needed.
    There is no need in completing paperwork at the end of the day on number of work orders completed, hours spent, and car mileage. All information is collected real time and submitted to the field manager and accounting.
  • Does ArboStar support IP Call System and SMS?

    ArboStar offers integrated IP Call System that allows to set up the whole office call system. Monitor and record telephone calls. The staff can communicate with clients and each other via messaging and chats. The system offers internal and external seamless communication. Move your call center to another city or another country altogether! Keep local number. Monitor amount of incoming and outgoing calls, time spent, etc. All calls can be digitally recorded and stored on file for quality assurance. We do it all!
  • What subscription pricing plans do you offer?

    Our software is based on monthly subscription pricing model. Our flexible month-by month pricing structure allows us to charge you based on the number of active users on your team.Call us to help you with the right payment plan that will suit your business. Start optimizing your business now!


We will be happy to answer all your questions and book a free demo with our sales team across North America.


478 King St W. Office 1206, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 0A8


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