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Meet the most advanced Business Management Platform the tree-care and landscaping industry has ever seen.

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Platform Overview
Tree service app

ArboStar: An All-in-One Business Management Platform

Arbostar is revolutionizing what business management software looks like in the tree-care industry. ArboStar is a state-of-the-art cloud-based business management platform specifically tailored to the tree-care and landscaping industry, suitable for businesses of any size.


  • An intuitive and powerful CRM
  • Accurate Marketing Reporting
  • Scalable Automation
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Customer Support

  • Fully actualized Client profiles
  • Detailed Sales Reporting
  • Advanced Quality Assurance
  • Varied Communications Tools
  • Easy Scheduling
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Sales & Estimating

  • Advanced Task Management
  • Comprehensive Scheduling
  • Live Job Map / GPS and Time-tracking Features
  • Internal Communications
  • Accurate tree mapping
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Project Management

  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Efficient Task Management
  • Feature-rich CRM
  • GPS-tracking / Live Job Map / Time-Tracking
  • Detailed Sales reporting
  • Customizable Financial Reporting
  • In-app communication
  • Business Intelligance tools
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Field & Mechanic

  • Equipment Management
  • Geotagged equipment and fleet management
  • Smart Task Management
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Human Resources

  • Detailed User activity and log history
  • Adjustable and customizable user roles
  • Employee management
  • HR efficiency
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Accounting & QA

  • Financial reports and record-keeping
  • Scalable Quality Assurance
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Business Intelligence

  • Detailed Marketing Reporting
  • Comprehensive Sales Reporting
  • Precise Financial Reporting
  • Accounting features and integrations
  • Human Resources modules
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Our Support

  • Comprehensive live training of the ArboStar software
  • 24/7 Support via chat, email, phone, or ticketing system
  • Step-by-step implementation
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  • Fully branded reports, emails, estimates, invoices, and receipts
  • Customizable templates, including your business logo and information
  • Unique Modules and Features development
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  • A multitude of integrations, from VoIP to QuickBooks and much more
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ArboStar Awards

Leader 2023 - 2023
Quality Choice 2023 - 2023
Leader Winter 2023 - 2023
Happiest Users 2023 - 2023
Leader - 2022
Most Popular Software - 2022
Leader - 2022
Partner - 2021
Front Runners - 2021
Quality Choice - 2021
User Most Likely to Recommend - 2021
Most Recomended - 2021
Happiest Users - 2021
Best Customer Support - 2021
Shorlist - 2021

ArboStar Features

GPS-tracking Time-tracking Software

Map View

See a real-time view of all your business activities, including leads, current jobs, and the location of all your crews, equipment, and vehicles, all on an interactive map. View all potential and current clients in order to simplify scheduling and marketing, while conducting your business in the most efficient way possible.

Arborist CRM

Integrated CRM

Turn leads into sales and prospects into clients. Our intelligent CRM system will create sales targets and tasks for your team, all fully customizable and adjustable to suit your needs, resources, and deadlines. Automate time-consuming tasks like marketing communications, service reminders, sales notifications, and follow-ups, while scaling up your business. With easy-to-access client files, all the information you could possibly need is always just a click or tap away.

Arborist Business Analytics

Business Intelligence

Use our analytical tools and modules to measure and evaluate your business performance, employee efficiency, advertising ROI, and many other metrics, in order to both gauge and improve your business intelligence.

Arborist In-Company Communications


Streamline your business communications like never before. Our system includes integrated VoIP systems complete with call recording, SMS messaging, and IVR menuing. Manage and automate client service reminders, notifications and service follow-ups, allowing you to be as effective and efficient with your communication as possible.

Estimating, Invoicing & Follow-up

Create estimates quickly and easily using our estimate calculator that uses pre-entered prices to calculate an accurate estimate based on the tasks required, job size, equipment needed, and your Man-Hour Rate. Turn estimates into jobs and jobs into invoices, complete with automatic follow-ups to increase turn-around time and reduce missed payments.

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Equipment Management

Simplify your equipment management with our GPS-integrated modules. Our equipment management system will help you keep track of all of your tools and vehicles, as well as their condition, allowing you to know when to schedule repairs and when to perform routine maintenance. Produce reports to analyze costs & expenses to optimally manage all of your equipment.

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A powerful tool in the hands of every arborist, our organized work scheduling module allows you to be as efficient as possible. Quickly and easily set up the schedules of the office, as well as estimators and fieldworkers. See the schedule for any given day, or view schedules of individuals or specific crews. For an overview, you can choose to see the schedule for the week, month, or any custom time interval of your choosing.

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Employee Management

Manage your employees by scheduling their work, tracking their locations on a live map, and viewing the number of hours they've worked. Set up time shifts, perform payroll calculations, and monitor the efficiency and productivity of your employees. View the effectiveness of any given employee, crew, or your entire business, all within a few clicks or taps.

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GPS-tracking Time-tracking Software

Map View

Real time view of your leads, crews & equipment location on the interactive maps. The map will show your existing clients and leads locations to simplify scheduling and marketing campaigns.

Arborist CRM

Integrated CRM

Turn leads into sales, prospects into clients! Intelligent CRM system will create sales targets and tasks for your team. Automate marketing communication, service reminders, sales notifications, follow ups. With easy to access client service file all information is just a click away!

Arborist Business Analytics

Business Intelligence

Measure and evaluate business performance, employee efficiency, advertising ROI and many other aspects of your tree care company with our massive analytical tool ArboStar BI

Arborist In-Company Communication


Streamline your business communication! The system comes with integrated ip phone system complete with calls recording, sms messaging system and IVR menu. Manage and automate client service reminders, notifications and service followup.

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ArboStar Reviews

Read just some of the success stories from our customers to find out why so many companies choose us:

Shane L

ArboStar keeps amazing client records. In a single year I might engage with about 2000 existing and prospective tree care clients and I want to make each of them feel important. The smart search feature in ArboStar allows me to recall client records live, review previous services, connect to client emails and photos of their property.

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Marta V.

ArboStar has managed to create one of the best CRM there is. Very responsive team with fast access to all the essential information is resulting in brilliant performance.

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Software Advice

ArboStar has everything and more of what we need in our industry. It has simple, logical, straightforward interface. As a customer service, I am so grateful that we found the software to be helpful in centralizing and making our operations more efficient.

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Fred M.

I'm very pleased with this software and have no plans to go back. Everything is divided into modules, and each module is a gem in its one right.

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Software Suggest
Ralph Leonard

I'm very happy our company made the switch to ArboStar. It's custom-tailored to the tree-care industry and has excellent report generation and data analysis tools. Highly recommended for its financial and accounting features alone.

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Remy L.

ArboStar is a 5/5 for me without question. The software is easy to use and organized with efficiency in mind. And the customer service team is friendly and speedy if I have any questions or issues. Very pleased with this platform.

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Claude N.

This platform helps us automate tasks like estimation and invoicing which would otherwise be very time-consuming. It also provides us with sales and marketing reports, which play a huge role in the future of our company.

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Finances Online
Rees Vickers

ArboStar has helped to streamline our business process and we're also able to automate a ton of tasks. Their mobile app works well and helps our fieldworkers do their jobs.

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Remy Leech

I'm able to quickly and easily set up text and email messages and notifications to our clients with ease. There is a ton of functionality and customizability that allows me to keep our customers happy and engaged.

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Keiren Bean

App has made my job a lot easier. I show up on site, and there's GPS-tagged pictures of the trees with descriptions of what exactly needs doing.

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Henry Wilcox

This app has been a huge time-save for me. Everything in the app is streamlined and easy to use. As far as apps go, this one is definitely on the cleaner side of things.

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Brittany Wenneker

Arbostar is a great software designed around the user and for the user. That is why my team and I love this software so much. It is great because it offers exactly what we need for our tree care business. Arbostar is very professional looking, making us look presentable to the customers.

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