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Paperless Efficiency with ArboStar Business Management Platform

Once you think of different ways to optimize your management structure and minimize your business expenses - paperless is the way to go! The advances of programming just made it not only possible but gave the paperless business management quite a lot of advantages, beyond savings on paper and printer cartridges.

The electronic way of managing business as one seamless system, indeed, has removed many limitations of paper documentation and management with sticky notes.

Let’s see where the paper documents used to pile up the most before

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    Client Service files

  • Vehicle Expenses & Maintenance

  • Fieldwork Planning

  • Inventory Management

  • Work Orders

  • Accounting

This is how these areas have improved just by being a part of one comprehensive platform and integrated within one system:

● Client service files. For decades client service files were kept in folders, organized alphabetically, labeled with different colors, with all service records typed or in writing. When you got a call from a client, you would put them on hold, while frantically searching for the file… 
What if your colleague took it to make a telephone call? What if someone misfiled it? What if one of the paper notes just slipped out? There is no question you could take that call if you are not in the office! Now you can easily call it up by phone number, or last name and all the information comes up! You will see all the notes made by colleagues at once, you will see it if it serviced by another agent, or if special discounts or special service terms apply. 
The best part you will not even need to be in the office for this, you can take a service call from home, on the go, or if you are standing at the client’s doorstep!
● Fieldwork planning would always start with the notes on the extra large desk calendar. But the dispatcher had to take into consideration, location, time of the day, the crew size and the type of equipment. This is how it would expand on the wall map, sticky notes, and little colored pins. 
Now the integrated map view and scheduling notes and comments view will make it very easy and accessible to the rest of the team. Moreover, the dispatcher will be able to check the schedule in real-time without calling the field team members.

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● The carbon copy of the work order on the field leader’s clipboard was the only option for many decades. Now the can finally ditch the staple clipboard. Now the work orders are queued electronically, interconnected with schedule and client file so that the team has the necessary information to help the clients better.
The best part - the endless paperwork documentation is not needed after a long day of work. The system marks automatically the number of people & the number of working hours and sends information to accounting directly for payroll and expense reports.     
● When you are focused on work, the annoying documentation is always in the way. Writing down odometer information, gasoline expenses and other service call details was never a favorite thing. Now the system does it immediately and sends it to accounting.
● With, even, a few teams working in the field documenting and keeping track of equipment have always been not easy. But since inventory management is a part of a unified electronic system - inventory management, including equipment maintenance is under control. Do you want to figure out where is that specific piece of equipment now that is needed for project completion, you can find it within minutes in the system, that keeps track of all the teams' equipment and storage.
● Accounting in any company has traditionally been a kingdom in its own right. Columns of numbers carefully recorded and documented in printed reports. But now when the system is integrated with other aspects of the business, better yet, when the data from regular business activities is collected and documented automatically. 
The introduction of the digital business management platform did not only eliminate unnecessary paperwork but made the information transparent, easily accessible and shareable between departments. Not to mention it is simply great for the environment!   

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